Spa School Bermondsey - Uniform

As a special school, we are mindful that a sensory issues can make the wearing of a school uniform difficult.  Equally many of our pupils want to wear a uniform as this gives them a sense of community, pride and helps differentiate between week-day and weekend wear.  

Our school uniform has been kept as simple as possible:

The school has a simple dress code:  

  • White shirt or blouse or white or blue polo shirt or Spa polo shirt  

  • Grey or black trousers or joggers or skirt  

  • Grey or black jumper or Spa fleece   

Pupils in KS5 are not required to wear a school uniform. 

If pupils are unable to wear certain uniform items please discuss this with Karen Esson, the Deputy Headteacher 

For PE, your child will need:  

  • White t-shirt or Spa PE shirt   

  • Navy blue/black shorts or joggers  

  • Trainers  

Our Uniform Policy can be found on our Policy page.


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